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Irish scientist predicting ‘solar storms’

Solar storms, caused by eruptions of charged particles from the Sun can threaten the lives of astronauts working on the International Space Station as well as disrupt telecommunications and power systems on Earth.

The impacts can be dramatically reduced if such storms can be predicted and prepared for. That is exactly what Peter Gallagher, astrophysicist, and his team are doing at TCD – predicting the arrival of solar storms here on Earth.


Broadcast on Ireland AM 06.09.2009

Dark Matter, Solar Flares, Climate ‘Delusion’

Solar Flares like this, have been spitting off the surface of the Sun recently, causing some disruption to communications here on Earth (Credit: NASA)

Science Spinning: ‘The Show with an Irish Spin on Science’, Presented and Produced by Seán Duke

Dark Matter, Solar Flares, Climate ‘Delusion’

Broadcast on Dublin City FM, 17/02/2011

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